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Two technologies for different needs

Airtronic and Hydronic

The perfect climate in off-highway and special-purpose vehicles

Customized solutions for heating

Eberspächer pre-heaters are engine-independent and can pre-heat the cab and/or the engine when the vehicle is stationary or during breaks. Hydronic water heaters are integrated into the engine circuit and keep machines ready for use in cold regions. The vehicle’s fan also allows your drivers and machine operators to pre-heat the cab and defrost the windows. 
Airtronic air heaters heat the cab very quickly and maintain a constant warm temperature, even when the engine is off. By using a pre-heater when machines are stationary, you also save fuel and thus reduce costs compared to letting the machine idle.

Hydronic water heaters

The efficient heat source for the driver’s cab and engine

By integrating them into the vehicle's coolant circuit, Hydronic water heaters can keep the engine warm or pre-heat it and simultaneously heat the cab and defrost the windows. When machines are stationary, for example when your drivers and machine operators are taking breaks, you save fuel and reduce wear and tear by using our pre-heater and thus, of course, also reduce costs.

Power range: 5 to 35 kW

The main benefits:

  • To pre-heat the engine and cabs
  • Pre-heaters reduce engine wear, save fuel and reduce costs
  • Pre-heating the cab defrosts windshields and promotes a safer work environment
  • High heating performance with compact dimensions
  • Quiet operation and low energy consumption
  • Space-saving installation in the engine compartment

Airtronic air heaters

Fast and efficient

Airtronic air heaters from Eberspächer ensure that the driver's cab is heated very quickly. Thanks to its very low consumption, Airtronic is ideally suited for long heating processes with the engine off.

Power range: 2 to 8 kW

The main benefits:

  • Fast heating of the driver’s cab
  • High heating performance with compact dimensions
  • Extremely quiet operation for concentrated working at the mobile workplace
  • Stepless heating performance control
  • Integration into the vehicle control unit via CAN/LIN/S+ interfaces
  • Intuitive operation with Eberspächer control units 
  • Compact size – flexible, uncomplicated installation under the floor, under the driver’s seat or in the rear area
  • Installation position can be angled 90° to both sides
  • Service life 5,000 h
  • Protected against dust and sprayed water
  • Automatic altitude adjustment up to 5,500 meters*

* Depending on variant