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Easy to control

Control units for off-highway and special-purpose vehicles

Useful in daily work

Quick interaction with heating and cooling solutions

Even highly complex technology only needs a simple control system. At Eberspächer, you will find our control units offer user-friendly options that support your drivers and machine operators in their everyday work by enabling them to interact quickly and effortlessly with our products.

Robust and reliable

Control unit for air conditioning systems

Intuitive and efficient

PCK2 control unit with temperature preselection

The PCK2 control unit sets the selected temperature fully automatically using sensors, and it functions absolutely reliably–even in extreme conditions. It’s simple and intuitive to use.

PCK3 control units for air conditioning systems and convectors

The economical solution

PCK3 with manual temperature selection

Operating air conditioning systems and convectors is fast and easy with the PCK3 manual control units. Three fan speeds. The robust, easy-to-install control unit is extremely reliable even in harsh operating conditions. The attractive design blends seamlessly with the vehicle interior.

Two functions, one control system

Control units for heating and cooling

PCK3 Airtronic / Hydronic

A single PCK3 Airtronic/Hydronic control unit can be used to operate Airtronic air heaters or Hydronic water heaters and an air conditioning system. The ideal control center for integrated thermal management. Intuitive operation and straightforward installation. For stepless climate control in a wide variety of vehicles with specific applications.

KanBox HVAC management system

The control center

KanBox enables central control of all HVAC components in the vehicle and connects them with the vehicle’s diagnostic system via CAN bus. They can then be controlled individually using the vehicle’s control units. This eliminates the need for an additional control unit in the driver’s cab, saving space and preserving the look of the interior design.

Control units for Airtronic and Hydronic

For fuel operated air and water heaters

EasyStart Pro

One control knob, many functions

The main benefits:

  • Long-press function for immediate heating
  • Current operating mode visible at a glance
  • Three programmable timer locations
  • Interior temperature sensor saves the cost and effort of installing an external temperature sensor
  • Option of controlling two heaters at the same time, including a combination of air heater and water heater
  • Unlimited operating time – the heater can run all day long
  • Versatile installation options
  • Easy to handle, even with working gloves
  • Diagnostic function for users and workshops
  • Configuration function for workshops

EasyStart Web

Internet-based control via app or as a browser version

The main benefits:

  • Can be used on all web-enabled devices – via voice control as well (Amazon Alexa – German/English)
  • Long-distance control of air and water heaters
  • Always set up for the most powerful available cellular network at no added costs, even abroad*
  • Ready to use right away thanks to integrated SIM chips
  • Can be activated for up to five users
  • Up to five heaters can be controlled with one user account
  • Option for using another control unit (such as the EasyStart Pro)
  • Online status request (operating state, interior temperature, timer)
  • Online remote diagnostics by the workshop (after approval by the end customer)
  • Low 12-month flat rate can be booked online


EasyStart Web data sheet

*Ideal network coverage in Austria, Belarus, Belgium, Czechia, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Great Britain and Northern Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Romania, Russia, Sweden, Switzerland, Turkey, Ukraine