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Tailored to your needs

Electrical heating and air conditioning systems from Eberspächer

The perfect climate in off-highway and special-purpose vehicles

Custom heating and cooling solutions

Eberspächer offers you an extensive product portfolio with the most diverse solutions for electric climate control, whether for electric battery vehicles or for vehicles with conventional drive systems. With electric heating solutions for high-voltage applications, air conditioning systems with an electric compressor or combined heating and cooling solutions with an integrated PTC heater element (EHVAC), we offer systems tailored to your needs.

The perfect heating solution for electric battery-driven vehicles

Titronic high-voltage water heater – developed for OEM applications

Thanks to safe, high-performance PTC technology, the Eberspächer Titronic CHHV 50 G3 permits both high heating comfort and battery conditioning for electric and hybrid vehicles. Depending on how the product is installed, either both or just one of the two applications is available. With battery conditioning, the battery’s service life is extended, charging time is decreased, and range and service time are increased. All electronic components were developed in house at Eberspächer and are ideally coordinated with each other.

Power range: 5 kW / 350 V DC

The main benefits:

  • Heating performance from 0% to 100% in just a few seconds
  • Compact design, versatile installation options
  • Simple system integration
  • Comfortable cargo compartment heating
  • Compact design

Plugtronic electric pre-heater

Comfort from the socket

Perfect for operation in halls, warehouses, garages or parking areas: As an intelligent complete system, the Eberspächer Plugtronic consisting of water heater, air heater, water pump, battery charger and cable system rapidly pre-heats the engine and passenger compartment completely without emission. In addition to various universal packages, various sets customized to suit specific applications are also available.


Water heater power range: 0.8 to 1.8 kW
Air heater power range: 1.2 to 1.8 kW
Complete system for 230 V AC

The main benefits:

  • Simple retrofitting and rapid installation in various positions
  • Perfectly coordinated modular system
  • The water heater is installed in the engine compartment to save space
  • The air heater can be flexibly positioned in the cab

Electrical fan convectors

For tractors and excavators

You can rely on Eberspächer’s expertise. As a means of heat for tractors and excavators, the electric convectors are equipped with a PTC heater element and a fan for heat distribution. Their compact size makes them ideal for use in tight spaces and small cabs.

The main benefits:

  • Operating voltage range V DC PTC from 24 to 800
  • Ventilation voltage 12/24 V
  • Equipped with a protected PTC element and safety thermo switch

Rooftop-mounted air conditioning systems for tractors, excavators and more

More space, better climate, excellent performance

Rooftop-mounted air conditioning systems with an electric compressor are suitable for electric battery and hybrid vehicles, as well as for vehicles with combustion engines. For example, they allow the rooftop-mounted air conditioning system to be operated even when the engine is switched off, such as during breaks and waiting times. Air conditioning systems installed on the roof of the cab save space in the interior, which can then be used for other purposes, especially in small cabs. Also available in the variant with a combined cooling and heating function, in this case with an integrated PTC element. Straightforward retrofitting is always guaranteed.

The main benefits:

  • Evaporator, condenser and dryer filter as a compact system
  • Available as A/C version with integrated compressor
  • A variety of solutions for every need
  • Ideal for small series production or vehicles that cannot accommodate a compressor
  • Extremely simple retrofitting
  • For even more space in the passenger compartment

All components – all options

Integrated split climate control systems

Technical excellence, uncompromising quality and an extensive product range make Eberspächer your perfect partner for climate control in the cabs of construction, agricultural and forestry machines. We develop optimum system solutions for every application––tailored to your specific use and the overall vehicle conditions. Eberspächer split systems offer optimum performance and quality. In other words, they are the perfect modular system with reliable solutions for off-highway and commercial vehicles. Custom developments are also always an option.

Customized air conditioning in off-highway and commercial vehicles


All evaporators for the electrical heating of tractors and excavators are also available with a PTC heater element. Choose from a wide range of variants—horizontal, vertical or pre-mounted solutions with integrated control unit and air outlets for easy installation in the roof of the cab. All variants can be quickly adapted to different cabs and are easy to install.

The main benefits:

  • Solutions available for all cab sizes
  • Horizontal, vertical and pre-assembled versions available for roof installation
  • Simple installation for any application
  • Rapid application development
  • Different air distribution systems available for every evaporator
  • Each evaporator with PTC heater element available as EHVAC

Durable and maintenance free


Discover the highly efficient technology of Eberspächer condensers

View condensers

Fast and easy to install

Electrical compressors

  • Many variants with an operating voltage of 12 V to 850 V available
  • Many variants with a large performance range: 130 to 775 cm
  • For all installation situations
  • Fast and simple application development

For easy installation

Pre-assembled climate control and HVAC systems with integrated PTC element for mounting in the cab

For easy installation in the driver’s cab, Eberspächer offers pre-assembled climate control systems. Several components are integrated into a compact unit and the system can be easily installed in the cab. This not only saves a lot of time during installation, but also offers the ideal solution for cabs with limited installation space.

The KAB system

With this pre-installed EHVAC system, the evaporator, the air ducting and the control unit are combined and can therefore be easily integrated into the roof of the cab. Electrical heating is made possible by the integration of a PTC heater element. The air conditioning system can be operated by an electric compressor.

The main benefits:

  • System with integrated air distribution and manual control units
  • Easy installation in the roof of the cab
  • Over 10 system variants available for every requirement

The HK EVO4 Head Liner evaporator system

This pre-installed EHVAC system is a very thin air conditioning system that can be mounted on the roof of the cab. Your machine operators benefit from this high-performance system, especially in large cabs and in hot regions.

The main benefits:

  • Thinnest EHVAC on the market
  • Particularly suitable for large cabs
  • Designed for use in harsh environments, very hot climates or with high thermal loads
  • Integrated operating panel controls the temperature and ventilation capacity
  • Water supply valve integrated in the evaporator for water flow
  • Includes an air inlet protected by a filter and accessible without tools