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An overview

Ideal heating and air conditioning for forestry machinery operators

Eberspächer, a provider of heating and cooling systems, offers solutions for optimum thermal management in forestry machinery. These include pre-heaters for the engine and cab of harvesters, as well as air conditioning systems to ensure comfort and safety in the driver’s cab of forestry machinery. In winter, operators benefit from a pre-heated engine and a toasty cab. In summer, it is possible to create cool and pleasant working temperatures in the driver’s cab of any type of forestry machinery with electrically operated air conditioners, even when the engine is switched off. This has been proven to make machine operators more efficient and stay alert. By heating and cooling the driver’s cab of harvesters and forestry machinery, we are also supporting our customers in complying with the legal requirements on working conditions and in ensuring operational readiness. After years of experience in development, production, and application, we can provide tailored heating and cooling solutions with suitable pre-heaters and air conditioning systems that can even be retrofitted.

Our main products:

  • Cab pressure systems
  • AC systems
  • Rooftop-mounted air conditioning systems
  • Pre-heaters

Cab pressure systems for forestry machinery

Cab pressure systems in forestry machinery produce clean cab air for the driver. A filter system in the driver’s cab filters out dust particles, ensuring clean cab air. In addition, the excess pressure generated prevents further external pollutants from entering the harvester. The cab pressure systems can be easily connected to HVAC systems on the forestry machinery.

Cooling solutions and air conditioning systems for forestry machinery

Operators must stay focused and work efficiently even when temperatures are high. To help meet these demands, Eberspächer offers an extensive range of cooling solutions for forestry machinery that can be designed to suit specific conditions and installation requirements. This includes rooftop-mounted and integrated air conditioning systems for harvesters and other forestry machinery. We can provide the optimum solution for your machinery and the driver’s cab. Click the link below for more technical data about our air conditioning systems.

Heating solutions for harvesters and other forestry machinery

There are two different heating solutions to choose from: One solution is the fuel operated air heater for particularly efficient heating of the driver’s cab and another solution is the fuel operated water heater for optimum pre-heating of the forestry machinery’s engine as well.


Fuel operated water heater for forestry machinery

Since the Eberspächer Hydronic is integrated in the cooling water circuit it not only heats the driver’s cab but can also pre-heat the engine of forestry machinery such as harvesters at standstill at the same time. This reduces engine wear caused by cold starts, helping to save fuel and therefore money. By pre-heating the driver’s cab, the forestry machinery’s pre-heater defrosts the windshield while also creating a safer, more pleasant temperature inside. The three versions of our fuel operated water heater are perfect for ensuring comfortable heating across the forestry machinery subsegment.



Fuel operated air heater for forestry machinery

This pre-heater can rapidly heat the air in the driver’s cab in forestry machinery, such as harvesters, making it particularly energy efficient. It is easy to install and retrofit.


Electric heating and air conditioning for forestry machinery

Electric heaters for harvesters and other forestry machinery are available in different versions depending on your requirements.


High-voltage coolant heater for forestry machinery

If you are searching for a reliable, high-performance electric heating solution with safe PTC technology and 5 kW heating performance, then look no further. This product is now in its third generation of development. As a high-voltage PTC coolant heater, it is particularly suited to electrically powered harvesters. It provides a warm and cozy driver’s cab in forestry machinery while also maintaining the battery’s performance.



Electric coolant heater for forestry machinery

The Eberspächer Plugtronic is a modular complete system consisting of a water heater, an air heater, a water pump, a battery charger and a cable system. Plugtronic pre-heats the engine and the passenger compartment of the forestry machinery quickly and emission free. This is how the Plugtronic system prevents wear-inducing cold starts and protects the environment. An integrated battery charger as an optional add-on extends the service life of the forestry machinery’s battery. In addition, the ergonomically designed Plugtronic power plug can also be operated with one hand—even with a glove. It’s how the Eberspächer Plugtronic makes starting your forestry machinery easy even in cold temperatures.


PTC heating elements

Electric fan heater for the driver’s cab

The electric heater is fitted with a protective PTC element. What’s more, its compact size makes it ideally suited for forestry machinery with smaller interiors.


EHVAC systems

Electric HVAC evaporators

Integrated air conditioning systems with a PTC heating element (EHVAC systems) can be used to electrically heat and cool harvesters. Our extensive product portfolio has the right solution for any driver’s cab.


Thermal management control units for forestry machinery

Our easy-to-use heating and air conditioning control units allow you to pre-heat your engine as well as create the perfect temperature in your driver’s cab before you get down to work, so your harvester is pre-heated and stays warm in even the coldest temperatures.

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