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No pollutant emission or dust in the cab

Eberspächer cab pressure system

For a pleasant and safe working atmosphere

Perfect cab climate control for agricultural machines

Combining a filter system with optimally dosed excess pressure keeps the cab air clean. Dust particles and pollutants are filtered before entering the cabin. Excess pressure is created to prevent any external elements from entering the cabin. K Protec can be combined easily with the Eberspächer climate control system and is therefore the perfect addition to cab climate control in agricultural machines. Support your drivers with a cab pressure system from Eberspächer, for a comfortable and safe work environment in a pleasant atmosphere.

K Protec

The comprehensive cab pressure system

The main benefits:

  • Can be combined with any climate control system 
  • With filter system for clean and safe cab air for the machine operator
  • Cab certification to EN 15695 Category 4 possible
  • Ideal for agricultural machines that spread chemicals
  • Minimal excess pressure: 20 pa

K Protec Modular

The modular cabin pressure system

The main benefits:

  • Can be combined with any air conditioning system
  • Dual filter system allows individual filter selection for the protection against dust or pesticides 
  • Automatic switchover of the filters at the push of a button
    (from category 4 for pollutants to category 2 for dust) 
  • Smart update of the remaining filter life time, based on usage rate and incoming air flow rate
  • Targeted usage of the more cost-intensive pollutant filter extends the filter service life 
  • Maximum power thanks to two blowers with 300 W each 
  • All system components (filters, selection box, pressurization box) can be installed in any 360° orientation

  • Also available as single filter system


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Excess pressure flap


By allowing excess pressure to escape when the door is closed quickly, the excess pressure flap on the cab compressed air system facilitates easy closing of the cab door. In addition, the flap enables excess pressure of up to 100 pa, which can also be adjusted on request. 

The main benefits:

  • For easy closing of the cab door
  • Excess pressure of up to 100 pa
  • Excess pressure can be adjusted as needed