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The new cabin pressure system K Protec Modular from Eberspächer

Safe and versatile

The new K Protec Modular for tractors and agricultural machinery

Cabin pressure systems are indispensable in agricultural machinery for special applications involving pesticides or dust. The combination of filter system and optimally dosed overpressure ensures that dust particles and pollutants are prevented from entering the driver’s cabin. Whether installed in a sprayer, combine harvester or tractor - the air inside the cabin remains clean. The new generation K Protec Modular from Eberspächer not only ensures a pleasant and safe working environment for your drivers, but also makes their work comfortable and efficient. Our modular double-filter cab pressure system enables you to easily switch between dust and pollutant filters. This minimizes use of the much more cost-intensive pollutant filters – thus reducing costs, especially for multifunctional agricultural machinery. Simply combine the hybrid K Protec Modular with an Eberspächer HVAC system to create the optimum working environment.

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For a safe working environment

Requirements for the driver cabins.

European Standards EN15695-1 & EN15695-2 require a minimum of 30 m3/h filtered air and min. 20 Pa cabin pressure in the driver cabins of sprayer cabs or multifunctional agricultural machinery. The K Protec Modular filters comply with these EN standards, providing optimal protection for the driver.

Filter category 2

  • Prevents dust from penetrating driver cabins
  • Minimizes use of the (significantly more cost-intensive) category 4 filter when not required

Filter category 4

  • Prevents toxic substances from penetrating driver cabins
  • Used only during spraying

K Protec Modular – Our hybrid solution 

Two different types of application require two interchangeable filters - and therefore a hybrid cabin pressure system. The Eberspächer K Protec Modular enables you to switch easily between the two filter types, resulting in significant cost savings through application of the category 4 filter only when required.Minimizes use of the (significantly more cost-intensive) category 4 filter when not required. The perfect solution for multifunctional agricultural vehicles with a 75/25 tractor to sprayer usage ratio.

Key advantages:

  • Modular design

  • Switches automatically between a category 4 filter (pollutants) and a category 2 filter (dust) at the touch of a button

  • Extends the service life of the significantly more cost-intensive category 4 pollutant filter

  • Smart update of the remaining filter life time, based on usage rate and incoming air flow rate

  • High power thanks to two 300 W fans

  • Very quiet operation due to reduced vibration through integrated damping elements. Developed with calculation fluid dynamic software to reduce noise to a minimum.

  • Can be integrated into the regular Eberspächer cabin air conditioning system 

  • Single filter system also available

  • Flexible installation thanks to 360° installation options for all components

  • Cabin certification according to DIN EN 15695

K Protec Modular


Filter container

Filter completely closed when not in use. Positive pressure within the filter protects against dust and the penetration of pollutants during spraying.

Switching box

Designed for minimum loss of pressure. Reinforced axle for maximum durability.

Pressure tank

2x powerful 300-watt blowers in sequence. Integrated dampers to reduce fan vibration and noise.

For a safe working environment

Application of the different filters

  • Efficient protection against dust

    Category 2 

    Filters dust from the suctioned external air; positive pressure within the cabin protects against the penetration of dust from outside. The category 4 filter remains completely closed and thus protected.

  • Suitable for up to 53 m3/h

    Category 4

    Filters pollutants from the suctioned external air; positive pressure within the cabin protects against the penetration of pollutants from outside during spraying. The category 2 filter remains completely closed.

First class becomes outstanding

The (r)evolution of K Protec